Returning to work

70% of the mums we talk to say they were unprepared for the conversation with their current employer about returning to work, leaving them feeling compromised and dissatisfied.

For mums who have taken an extended career break to raise a family, we work with you on developing a practical plan to return to the workplace.

We would cover the following areas:

What skills have you acquired during your career break

Designing a compelling resume and understanding your personal brand

Preparation for interviews

Ways to find a job

Our goal is to help you take control of your job search
and present yourself in the most authentic light to a
future employer.

Our aim is to help you successfully negotiate the right terms for you and help you transition back into the workplace with confidence and purpose.

We would cover the following areas:

Building a confident mindset and feeling powerful about your return to work

Develop your criteria around your work and home
support structure

Understand your employers needs

Prepare for the initial conversation about returning and the follow up discussions

Supporting the transition phase back into the workplace