Coaching4mums came into my life at exactly the right time. They guided me superbly through a career crossroad and out the other side. I found my coach supportive and encouraging at every step of the way; even with a tissue on hand when the going got quite emotional for me! I am now in a great role and I credit them with helping me develop the confidence I needed to pursue the next stage of my career goals.

Fiona Sutherland

Working a very demanding high profile job and being a mum to two young children was starting to take it’s toll on me both professionally and personally.

coaching4mums helped me see clearly what I needed to do to balance both areas of my life successfully. I developed coping strategies and strengthened my resilience in dealing with work and home issues.

coaching4mums has been fantastic at helping me work on my communication style and coaching me on how best to interact with my family, colleagues and management so I can be the best that I can be in all spheres of my life.

Jo Palmer

After making the decision to go back into the paid workforce I was overwhelmed by where to start after a 10 year break. I contacted coaching4mums and after a 10 minute chat with Nina I already had several positive steps that I could put into action. However once I began the “Returning to work’’ group sessions I had a solid path to follow in achievable weekly blocks. With sound support and guidance I was able to put together a CV that conveyed all of my skills from previous employment and those I had obtained during my 10 year break, without the obvious ‘gap’. The positive environment both Vanessa and Nina surrounded our group with was key to me having the confidence to implement the suggestions that were put forward to find, apply, interview and successfully negotiate the terms of a position that fulfilled all of my requirements. Within 4 weeks of completing my coarse with Coaching 4 Mums I have accepted a position that ‘ticks all the boxes” for myself and my family responsibilities.
I can highly recommend coaching4mums for anyone looking to return to work. I can’t thank Nina and Vanessa enough.

After being made redundant I became a stay at home mum for almost 2 years. I felt unsure and confused about how to get back into the workforce in a career that would put my family first.

After my coaching with coaching4mums, I found myself enrolled in higher education, in a course I'm passionate about that will shortly guarantee me work and in hours that suit my young growing family.

My coach had a way of making me feel like I was not alone, that my dreams could be turned into reality by tapping into already existing resources and opening my eyes to new opportunities.

Kelly Jager

Kristi Turner