What’s our story


coaching4mums is the brainchild of Nina Marshall and Vanessa Potts.
We felt that mums were being neglected by society, organisations and themselves when it came to their careers. We set up coaching4mums to work with you, not your employer, to empower you and to focus on you, your career and your family.

Our journey began when our babies were 6 weeks old when we met at mothers group. Over the coming months, and lots of tea, we realized we had a shared passion not only in trying to be good mums but also to help others and ourselves achieve those professional goals that had potentially become lost.

What we are hearing (and this may sound familiar to you) is that being a mum and taking a break from your career leads to a loss of confidence in your work skills and a lack of control over your professional direction, not to mention a loss of income.


We want to see you back in control of these decisions for yourself. When your boss calls to talk about returning to work, you might think about buying a new wardrobe but do you think about how to get what you now need from the workplace?