Making maternity leave work for your career

International Research has revealed that up to 45% of women return
to work earlier than planned and of those 47% did so out of fear for
job security.

"The independent" 2nd June 2014


We frequently hear from mums that they feel very much out of the career ‘loop’ when on maternity leave. At coaching4mums, we work with mums who are looking to enhance their credentials and professional development to continue building their career during maternity leave.

For some this a direct desire to return to work and be considered ready for promotion, for others it is a need to keep you relevant and up to date both with your current employer or potentially a new one.



We would cover the following areas:

Maintaining and extending your professional network

Broadening your skill set

Staying relevant in your area of expertise

Build your confidence and self esteem

Our goal is to help you keep your hand in when your head is out of the career game.