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Gender diversity is a broad topic and within it helping mums return to work is a complex and necessary requirement to solve diversity challenges. At C4M we offer a suite of programmes to help your company increase your pool of female future leaders and maximize the financial rewards that come from a diverse workforce.

Supporting Change

Once your team have completed their training,
we offer

1 : 1 coaching for both managers and mums where extra support is required.

Embed the Change

Our workshops build knowledge and understanding across topics that tackle the underlying causes of blocked and leaking talent pipelines for mums.

 e.g .

Effective announcement and return to work conversations

Understanding what options might work for flexible work

Understanding your bias (conscious and unconscious)

Build Awareness

Our unique approach of highlighting the importance of a diverse workforce to your senior teams will help acknowledge there is a  problem that needs solving.

Investigate your specific challenges

Communicate the facts around your challenges

Role playing to build insight

Step 1 :

Step 2 :

Step 3 :

We treat every business on an individual basis and shape our programmes to fit your needs. Call us on 03 9598 9984 to find out more.